Friday, September 01, 2006

We Cannot Seem to Shut Up

There are some things that the North Koreans and the Chinese and the Iranians (and most everybody else for that matter) just don't need to know. Take for example, all the information (all over the news, this one just happens to be a Washington Post article) about our missile interceptor tests. Their successes and their relative failures and limitations.

How about we just zip it up and play coy.

What those guys don't know might just hurt them!


Boom out.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

How about the possibility that the test results are a frickin' lie? And that this is a bunch of disinformation aimed at the North Koreans and Chinese? I don't believe a goddamned word that comes out of the mouth of the military-industrial complex. I believe the reason this info was put out in public was to keep the money coming for this wasteful boondoggle. Billions for weapons that we don't need, next to nothing for inspecting cargo ships.

I'm just waiting for the smoke to START when President Cheney orders the nuclear attack on Iran. When you've lost two wars, what better distraction than starting another one? I'm so glad I emigrated from the U.S. It won't be on my conscience, mate.

Anonymous said...


don't you know that in America we say DUDE, not MATE?

A LIE? Think we could pull that off? With our leftist media, foaming at the mouth to frontpage every Bush miscue or broadcast any military action that meets with less than 100%, it-is-so-obvious-that-we-succeeded-that-it-cannot-be-denied results? Wake up.

I WILL agree with you on this, we DO need to invest time, money, attention in the inspection of other likely avenues of terrorist infiltration (cargo holds, containers, border x'ing, mailbombs, bio-terrorism, exploding cigars)...wait, maybe we ARE and we are just not fugging TELLING everyone! Hey Boom, what a concept, dude, are we doing some things right (perhaps) and just not plastering it all over the freaking news? Possibility?

As for Mr. B-I-A (that could be either for Bukko In Australia, or perhaps Born In America and Ran Away like flippin Johnny Depp or Alec "I am a countryman when it is convenient" Baldwin), no one is happier than me [aka: Harden Up] that you decided to change your sheets and move down-under.

I mean, don't get me wrong...I spent several months in Australia a number of years ago, and I LOVED the place. I happened to find the most genuine people I could ever imagine...funny though, those were the natives. I did run into an expat (read: Aussie-wanna be) from the US there. He was the one dude I couldn't stomach. Mate, he was a flag-burning loudmouth with no real experience from which to base his dribble. Have we found a copycat? Our gain is our friends' loss (hey, learned to play a didjaradoo yet, mate?)...we owe an apology to our friends down under.

Stay away, mate. We have enough of your kind that are crawling across our borders, in container ships, through tunnels, bearing ill will to those people and that land you once called home. Don't need yer type round here, dude.


Harden UP

Boom said...

Boys, boys (girls, girls?),

Play nice now. But keep em coming. Realize that Boom will edit out the REALLY offensive stuff, so keep your F-words to FLIPPING and FREAKING and maybe FUGGIN...but more extreme than that and I will call "flag on the play" and edit away.

By the way, H-U, BIA does have a point about the "border security" funding (apparent lack of?).

And to be fair, Mr. EXPAT, nobody likes a quitter.

sf all,