Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Recruiters in Civilian Clothes

Army recruiters wearing civilian clothes?
Why not? If it works, if we get a quality candidate, why not?
Purists argue that this is going too far, how can these civilians possibly know what the Army wants, needs?
Renae Merle reports in the Washington Post today that these recruiters seem to be doing a fine job in figuring it out.
In the end, isn't what we want enough soldiers to fill the Army's needs to protect and defend? Sure it is.
If this is "going too far," perhaps we could have some of these professional civilian recruiters consult, advise and help our servicemembers do their recruiting jobs more effectively, efficiently, productively. And then reward our military recruiters (the ones who wear green) for doing the job...just like we reward salespeople in any other line of industry.
After all, soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines did not join the service to RECRUIT. They joined to FIGHT, if necessary. It seems like a good idea to me to get help from selected and successful pro's when it is warranted.

Boom out.

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