Friday, September 01, 2006

Officer Training Numbers Down

With ROTC numbers down (See this article in April of 2005 in the Washington Post) the Iran issue looks even more ominous (see today's Post article, linked). This is a manpower tragedy in the making and will affect our readiness for years to come. The old saw: "Freedom is Not Free" jumps out when reading articles like these. What can we do to reverse the trend? How will this affect our ability to satisfy responsibilities across the world?


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Dixon said...

Few things short of a national catastrophe will elicit the support needed. September 11, as horrific as the events were, did not create sustained interest in military or national service. The government could force people into service (i.e. the draft), but unless people are forced to work together to solve major national problems and everyone bears the burden (Great Depression, WWII), self-righteousness will prevail and only the poor will enter the military. In days long past, glory, honor, reputation mattered. Today,the size of your house, car, and the diamond on your wife's hand exemplifies your worth to others by making them jealous.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mr Dixon,

Which is precisely why we are a succulent and fat target for those who rabidly defend and promote their whacked out ideology.

Not rocket science here.

Imagine confronting a cornered raccooon or squirrel. That poor little rodent (?) has nowhere to go but is GODDAMNED SURE that they do NOT want to be there with you poking a stick at it, making stupid cat noises.
That raccoon is 1/10th the size of you but will win the fight. He will escape without being killed and skinned. WHY? Because that RACCOON is more dedicated to the cause than you are, more interested in surviving than you are in making RACCOON STEW.

I am not suggesting that we are trying to make (or even should try to make) MIDDLE EASTERN STEW. But I am suggesting that these rabid fundamentalists are more dedicated than we are....AND THEY KNOW IT. They know how weak we can be.

If we are not willing to make STEW, then we need to keep the other clever wide eyed bastard from making SOFT-FLESHED AMERICAN STEW.

'nuff said, I am sure.

Harden Up.

JohnBraun said...

j3MMgP write more, thanks.