Thursday, September 07, 2006

Reverse Stockholm Syndrome

It's all over the news, we are changing our entire military prison infrastructure and detainee intelligence gathering practice to accommodate the sensitivities and the comfort of terrorists in captivity.
There exists a phenomenon termed: The "Stockholm Syndrome" where captives sympathize with their captors, prisoners connect with their bee-keepers. Here in the US where we have a great big bark and a pretty impressive "first swat," we seem to lack the stomach to finish what we started. If it means discomfort.

In the case of the war on terrorism, macro discomfort takes our eye off the ball.

In the case of terrorist detainees, in Guantanamo or CIA holding facilities, if our public sniffs any off color (tickling, pink-bellies, name-calling, noogies, spitballs, blanket parties, "Muhammed was a sissy" chants) detainee treatment, a thunderous cry is heard 'round the world.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for NOT brutally torturing prisoners of any flavor...but I AM for collecting information that will help us save American or allied lives. And should we be in support of the having the cart drive the horse or perpetuating this "Mlohkcots Syndrome" that we seem to have going on. Backwards, it seems.



Boom out.

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dixon said...

I don't know what patriotic American would volunteer to give Osama Bin Laden a noogie. Gross.

Or just try to give Khalid Sheik Mohammad a "five star" slap on the back. You couldn't get through the hair.