Thursday, September 14, 2006

How About Some of That Good Old American Ingenuity?

Ford and GM are on the ropes. They are fighting each other while their Asian competitors are lapping up the marketshare. And the profits. As this story in the WPost details, the US AutoGiants seem content (relative term, depends on who you ask, I'd guess) to lay off or coerce quitting in order to reduce workforce in order to reduce costs in order to increase the bottom line.

As this article states, Ford's biggest competitor is GM and vice versa. They are determined to Pepsi v Coke each other in every market.

Couldn't we all just be friends (preparing my tie dyeing kit, as I type..Kum-bay-yah...)? Wouldn't it be just too clever and too easy for these two US bigs to huddle, secret hand shake and attack separate markets and plan to NOT overlap? Or are we just so used to eating our young?

How about we show some solidarity and INVENT, INNOVATE or IMPROVE like we know how? Like we must. Like we have for Claudia Mitchell in building her a BIONIC arm. Now THAT is good old American Ingenuity.


Boom out.
Win on the Battlefield of Business

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