Saturday, September 02, 2006

The FBI, they are DAMNED either way

This is a disturbing Post article about the FBI, questioning their value in squelching terrorism. OpSec keeps the Feds from spilling all of their beans, but when they do, our media gives a reaction like this.?!

Hey, how many successful terror plots have been carried out on US soil since Sept 11, 2001? And if you were a wild-eyed fundamentalist jihadist terrorist who wanted to meet up with 72 virgins in the great beyond, wouldn't the fatcat US be a juicy target for you? Or would you settle for a little IED (road side bomb disguised as a rock or a discarded bit of shrapnel or maybe even a soda can...) 'splosion to get upstairs?

Nah- my money would be on a big one..but...wait...there is someone who is diligent in the way: the US Military and the FEDS.

Let's give them a break, for crying out loud!


Boom out.

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