Thursday, August 16, 2007


The secret to high performance and consistent execution is deceptively simple.

Performance in business, competitive or personal life absolutely DEPENDS on the execution and efficiency of the team.

Behaviorally, if the team can think and act in these terms:

+INDIVIDUAL SKILLS/CONTRIBUTION-toward focused team goals

+EFFECTIVE, FOCUSED and DISCIPLINED COMMUNICATIONS-keeping all aligned and pointed to team goals and the status of that pursuit

+SENSE OF URGENCY (but avoiding a sense of panic)-in achieving and encouraging achievement of team goals...

..the team will meet and exceed goals and expectations.

Of course there are many things that subset these major behavior areas, but that may be beyond the scope of this post.

Over the past 7 years, I have enjoyed the profound pleasure of working with high school athletes as the head coach of a varsity boys' lacrosse team. The way I see it, it is the responsibility of the coaches to ensure that they (the players, the team) develop as players, as athletes and as young men. Toward that end our coaching staff spends considerable time and energy in the three areas above. All of these areas are inter-dependent; the player and the team will be less than WHOLE without all three working in tandem, association or partnership.

All that said, what is this big secret?

The secret is, like the martial arts board-breaker, to look beyond the board. Develop your team to think, act and own in these three areas...train your players and team to speak this language and look toward their next, bigger and more life-oriented goals. In doing so, these team members will be able to consistently perform individually and as a team...eventually even without your direct input (ever read "A Message to Garcia"?...I can send it to you if you would like). They will be more prepared and better for it. In other words, your legacy is not built in deals, games or interventions won or lost, but in the people you help to break the code. Think, exhibit and teach these three behaviors and your charge will break the code.

Tell us YOUR , leadership, team or execution story...we'd like to hear it!

Keep the faith and Semper Fi,

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