Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lessons-Learned Systems

Here is a real-world (unclassified) application of a Lessons Learned System (central repository of debriefs/After Action Reports) that makes so much sense.

In this case a MCCLL (Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned) "newsletter" called a "QUICKLOOK REPORT" to spread the latest lessons learned. As you can tell, the lessons learned below are not terribly technical, groundbreaking or even seemingly profound, but the value in the PUSHING of this information out to those who may use it is key. This reminds the end-users of the resource's existence and that it is continuously updated. It gives credence to the data that has been input, thus inspiring the participation of more contributors and users...it gives depth. In crimson below is the report...very short, it is truncated for illustration's sake:



Among key recommendations highlighted in a MCCLL Quick Look report:

. The IRR should have access to the same types of equipment in sufficient
numbers for training purposes that they will employ in theater.
. Driver training should address conditions similar to those encountered in
. Combat weapons handling, crew served weapons, and Combat Lifesaver
training should be available for all Marines and attached Sailors.
. Mobilizing reserves should receive the same ammunition and logistical
support as active duty units.
. Last minute personnel joins (for both active and reserve units during and
after training) detract from the effectiveness of the training and the
cohesiveness of the unit. Stabilization of the unit should occur prior to
commencing pre-deployment training.
. It is especially important that IRRs filling billets at the battalion
level be assigned to their deployment billets as soon as possible after
arrival at the gaining force command to maximize the benefits of
pre-deployment training events.


My thought? Perpetuate the mindset of process optimization with your own LLS. Proactively create an LLS, and then creatively, actively PUSH the lessons-learned back to the business keeping them aware, well-honed and read-in to what is working and what is not.
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