Tuesday, July 24, 2007

...DEBRIEFS or POST MORTEMS they call them in some lines of work. I think that last year I posted something here about debriefs. Yep, I did. But it bears saying again.

In the WEIGHT ROOM, growth of a muscle mass to Schwarzeneggerian proportions comes from the time-tested Joe Weider muscle development principles (like the Weider Muscle Confusion Principle and the Weider Cheating Lift Principle and the much celebrated Weider Eat a Half Gallon of Ice Cream Principle) of BREAK IT DOWN [exercise it, work it out], FEED IT [nutrition, good stuff...protein and what not] and REST IT [give it some nap time...we grow when we sleep]. It is a continuum.

In the SQUADRON spaces, we have FIVE principles of GROWTH (what we might call continuous improvement, safety, operational excellence, lots of names)...sort of OODA Loop-ish. We PREPARE for our mission (which means plan for it, usually using a principle called the MORE THAN TWO EYES PRINCIPLE), we BRIEF IT (so we are all on the same songsheet...easily done if the multiple sets of eyes that planned are also going to DO IT), we DO IT (execute it, per the plan, or at least we start like that), we DEBRIEF IT (post mortem...systematically break down the mission, from order issuance to debrief) and then and most critical, we SHARE IT with those who may benefit from our lessons learned.

A couple of weeks ago we (BizBatt) conducted a 2-day multi-exercise training event with a group of young and newly appointed leaders from an international bank. This was our third straight year providing this LTE (leadership, teamwork and execution) workshop for this class. Every year the program has gotten better. I am convinced that even though we bring in new BizBatt personnel every year, we improve because of our lessons learned system (BizBatt Lessons Learned System...BBLLS) and our culture that encourages us to seek out the "what worked, what did not, and how can we be better this time?" mentality. I am certain that next year will be even better and I cannot wait.

This was a really LONG way of saying that

AARs work, but only if you share them. DO.

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Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate more on the processes or exercises you employed during the 2-day session? I am looking for additional information on on-boarding and supporting new employees.

Boom said...

visit our Wiki (free repository for information)...the Wiki is called BizBatt Leader Training and the address is: http://leadertraining.wetpaint.com/page/SUCCESS+STORIES

Cut and paste this link to read more about our 2-day portion of the bigger onboarding with the bank.

For an even more in-depth look, see the article to be published in Quality Digest (Oct 2007).

Please let me know if I can help further,