Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Teamwork: Cliche? No, Life Saver.

...and nowhere is that more true and apparent than in the aviation and aerospace sector: civil, commercial, military, recreational, experimental, exploratory. TEAMWORK, high performance teamwork is required.
High performance?
The team must always be on their game as a team. If not, bad things, very bad things will happen. This is not like the teamwork required with a professional football or basketball team. This is genuine. The stakes are real and they are high.
Can you develop High Performing Team culture in your family? In your company? On your kid's youth sports team?
This story (Del Quentin Wilber Washington Post Staff Writer, Tuesday, August 29, 2006) begins to paint a picture of possible breakdowns in TEAMWORK. Undoubtedly, more detail will come out of the NTSB and FAA investigations, more detail that will outline who should have, could have been doing what, when, with whom and how in order to have kept this tragedy from happening. But in just reading this Post article, the layman will be self-hit with basic questions:
"Well why didn't the....?"
"Shouldn't it be that...?"
"Is it normal for the....?"
This story is a tragedy. But it is a catastrophe if we do not learn from it. And I don't just mean the airline industry or the aviation/aerospace sector.
In your business life, do you work with people? Can you imagine the worst business disaster that your team may endure? How could it happen? Piece it together...now, how can you KEEP it from happening? What steps can you take TODAY to develop and begin that plan of action? That will be High Performing Teamwork. Always on the ready, on the lookout. Always getting better.
God Bless the 49 perished souls of Delta/Comair flight 5191 and God Bless First Officer Polehinke; sincere and true wishes for a complete and timely recovery.
Another deadly Kentucky plane crash reported today...can you go through the same exercise here? What COULD have happened? How COULD it have been stopped? How can you apply these lessons in your personal or business life? 7 Die in Second Kentucky Plane Crash (News Wire Service, Aug 29 2006)
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