Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Airlines: What an Industry!

I am not much for unions, but they sure can come in handy at times, I guess. Here is a good example of one of those times, if it indeed works out in favor of the flight attendants.
According to The Washington Post (August 26, Tomoeh Murakami Tse) Northwest Airlines has been seeking to block a strike by their flight attendants. Judge Victor Marrero of NY has granted a temporary injunction by halting NWA FA's planned work stoppage; the strike has been temporarily stopped due to the heavy US travel flow right about now.
So what is the beef? Why are the flight attendants' stepping off (or at least trying to)? Well, due to the the Chapter 11 status of the airline, the flight attendants are susceptible to receiving as much as a 20% pay and benefits slash(es). Wow. Pay cuts. Cancellation of benefits. Ouch. But sadly, this has become everyday news from America's airline business.
What a way of life! There are not many industries that would be able to survive the manpower exodus that would ensue when repeated, regular pay CUTS are levied, employee furloughs (airline speak for "LAYOFF"...makes it sound like a vacation, eh?) are commonplace and bankruptcy after bankruptcy are the corporate norm! This thing has been mismanaged to the hilt, and NWA is only one of MOST airlines that are unforgivably guilty.
This service sector is in deep trouble and is only getting worse. This is just an example.
Hey- I wonder how many NWA senior execs are taking pay and benefit cuts?
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