Wednesday, June 09, 2010

VAN DER SLOOT: why is this guy still alive?

Semper fi and check six!

Boom Daniel
Ausley Associates Inc 


Thomas Goldsmith Oppenheimer said...

I believe in the American Justice system in theory. If the operative system is set up to ensure that innocent people are rarely found guilty (I know it happens too frequently) at the price of some guilty people being acquitted, then so be it. However, I never understand why so much time, money, and effort is expended on the decdedly guilty. People such as Sloot need to be terminated. And please don't think for a second about that being disrespectful of human life. Those who are in this category are not human. They are mistakes. They have no soul, and so there is no sanctity.

Boom said...

I'm with you, Goldsmith Opp!